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School of Arts & Humanities

Jewellery & Metal (MA)


This Work in Progress showcase of MA1 student projects captures multiple points of translation within the making and thinking processes employed in our material-led disciplines.

Jewellery and Metal (JaM) students view the world through a variety of lenses - objective, subjective, poetic - seeking out the multiplicities of narratives that interconnect the material and immaterial worlds. In the work on display, you can see multiple forms of translation taking place. For many of our students, bilingualism is a continual background activity; their works are rooted in the translation of words as well as new cultural ‘translations’ inspired by contrasts between their backgrounds and the new life and experiences studying in London.

But, beyond words and language other forms of translation are taking place. How does one materialise an idea? How do we engage with materials to shape our ideas in new and telling ways? JaM students use multi-material approaches to translate concepts into physical objects through exploratory dialogues with material. In these practices the materials used are not prescribed or presumed; through the specific lens of their chosen discipline, materials are questioned and critiqued, alternatives proposed. Celebrated or subverted, in JaM experimentation is the norm.

Jewellery offers the possibility for new immaterial and material intimate relations with the person and the body whilst metal looks beyond decorative traditions, encouraging a wider experimental and conceptual reach in terms of context and narrative content. We see our role as expanding the possibilities of metal and jewellery, addressing the human need for functional, ritualistic, symbolic and speculative objects within material culture.

Jonathan Boyd

(Head of Programme)

Instagram: @rcajewelleryandmetal

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