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Moving Image

Alice Bajaj

Alice Bajaj was born in Tokyo, Japan. She completed her undergraduate degree at Central Saint Martins, in Fine Art.



2021, Liquitex and Cass Art Prize, Big Walls and Windows, Kings Cross, London.

2020, Activating Spaces Event, Camden Art Centre, London.

2019, Houle Collective Show, Safehouse Peckham, London.

Alice Bajaj is a multidisciplinary artist working with new media, and investigating the labour practices of robotics and CGI. Through her sculptures and installations, and these proposals for installations, she explores ways in which technological innovation is too often over-trusted, and seen as redemptive. More innovation intends to have less friction, though frictionless living makes space for simply more labour.


Coincidentally we don't fully comprehend the mental functioning of algorithmic processing in a similar way to how we don't understand how animals think. Though perhaps the softness and familiarity of the forms of animals make these robots seem less awe-inspiring.

Robotters Prototype — Diagram on graph paper of otter head on wheels, with sensors and robotic components.

Components and parts of the moving robotic sculpture.


Diagram, Collage.
Case Studies of Robotic Animals — Different news articles, of killer dophins, CIA catfish spys, and robot dogs, used as spying animals.

Examples in newspaper cutouts of where surveillance has been used in the form of animals. Perhaps to make the monitoring less intimidating.


Robotters Installation Proposal

Diagram of the sculpture interacting with viewers in the gallery setting.


Instead of statically being objectified and watched the sculpture senses when the viewer is near, patrolling, and dominating the space.


Diagram, Collage.