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Shuyang Li

Shuyang Li is a photographer, product designer and prototype maker. He has rich experience in product design. He won the National Scholarship shortly after graduation. After entering RCA, he made continuous theme creation around time, memory and image with the support of modern frontier information technology and theory. Before that, he received a bachelor ’ s degree in product design from the School of Urban Design, Central Academy of Fine Arts.

With the help of new technologies, the content of creation is constantly updated, and new insights and theories are generated. Therefore, I am very interested in exploring the changes in image and recording methods. For example, when optical signal conversion signals or electrical signals are replaced by readable biological neural signals, how do existing optical manufacturing based on material products change. What direction will the photography theory and expression method based on past recording methods turn to? What kind of feedback the audience will have in the face of works created under such technology,Will we rethink the boundary of art again?

History and Important Nodes of Photography
Artificial frame rate Maker HN-1 — The device was born in the garage. The gold coating on the surface was used to transmit light to achieve optical invisibility. The 10 blades used to cover the body vibrated at a high speed of 30 Hz / 60 Hz / 120 Hz. When the blade was closed, the camera sensor had no signal input. When the blade was open, the camera sensor had signal input. The resulting artificial manufacturing frame rate

[The bionic vision that may be widely used in the future beyond the digital photosensitive technology. The image format used by it will be a new four-dimensional event time flow, which will lead to a new round of equipment elimination and image capture behavior refresh. Like film to digital.]

When the world records everything in a format that I no longer understand, I feel scared. 

In 2080, due to the change of image format, the concept of image frame rate has disappeared. Instead, it is an advanced time event sensor fabricated by using visual nerve signals as bionics. This kind of camera has been widely used everywhere. In this context, the equipment on the image simulates the process of a person deceiving the camera by attaching the frame rate to himself.


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