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Sid Bullmore

I completed my bachelors in menswear design in 2019 before taking a year to work for a material technology company designing direct to consumer garments and accessories. 

This experience informed my design process going forward at the RCA; blending highly technical material processes into products which can be integrated into everyday life.

On graduating I hope to continue working with scientists and engineers to use clothing as a vehicle for enhancing the health and wellbeing of the wearer.

At the RCA I have focused on applying generative design to clothing; relating our anatomy and motion directly to the garments we wear. 

Data driven design has the ability to redefine our relationship with clothing and enhance its function for each of us; as wearable technology fulfilling our specific needs. 

It can help us lead healthy, active lives for longer.

My aim going forward is to use generative models in combination with material technology to sensitively address the specific needs of each wearer; producing garments perfectly adapted to us as individuals.

This process is compatible with a made to order business model; ensuring only what is needed is produced - with no excess.

The Burberry Foundation

The Burberry Design Scholarship generously awarded me full tuition for my two years at the RCA.